Quit Giving Up

The other night I was browsing Pinterest when I came across a great graphic someone had pinned with the quote “If you’re tired of starting over, quit giving up.” That one sentence resonated with me so much that I’ve tossed it around in my head almost every day since then.

There is one area of my life that I struggle with the vicious “starting over cycle” and that is my weight.

I never had a weight issue until around the age of 36. I was finally done making and nursing babies, but I was still eating like I was nourishing another person. Also, my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and in/out of the hospital, and I ate convenience foods plus ate out of stress.

Needless to say the weight piled on. Around 38 I started to get a handle on it, but when I started my online business, Everyday Elements, my tail was at my desk and not being active, way too much.

Over the past year I have lost ten pounds, gained seven pounds, lost 12 pounds, gained 10 pounds. I have started walking, I have stopped walking. I have started food journaling, I have stopped food journaling.

Where does that leave me?

I am as heavy as I’ve ever been.

I am discouraged, but it’s of my own making.

I am tired of starting over.

I am drawing the line here, today.

I am starting over today for the LAST TIME.

I will do the hard things.

I will not quit.

 Do you find yourself frequently “starting over” with something in your life?

Note: I tried to find the original graphic/quote to link to it but I cannot seem to find it now. If you know of it, please share the link in a comment and I will add it to my post. I definitely want to give credit. The graphic above is one that I made myself.


  1. 1
    Maria says:

    I needed to hear this quote this morning. Thank you!

  2. 2
    Jessy says:

    Well said. I am currently on the weight loss journey myself. Started on my 33rd Bday in April and have since lost 40 lbs. still have about 30 lbs that I would love to lose but as u said pretty much every day is a battle. With strength, determination and the support of others, you have mine, you will get there as will I. If you have a minor set back one day just pick yourself up and move on the next. Weight loss is never a perfect trip, you will make a mistake here and there but it’s no biggie! I wish you much success on your journey!

  3. 3
    TidyMom says:

    right there with you girlfriend!! Love that quote

  4. 4

    Thank you Amanda. Yes I can relate as well!

  5. 5
    Amanda says:

    You sound EXACTLY like me! This is a great quote :)

  6. 6

    This quote should be my mantra. I have struggled with my weight for about 15 years. I find that while I work so hard at maintaining other areas of my life, my weight is the area I always let go. I focus on it for a week, maybe two, and sometimes three, then it falls by the wayside. Hoping I too can stop giving up!

  7. 7

    Oh friend- I am in the same spot. It’s a hard one and sometimes I wonder where the balance is. Thx.

  8. 8

    thanks for your honesty. nice to know we aren’t alone in this crazy journey called life.

    i stop & start everything. especially dieting. it’s so hard.

    thanks for this post!

  9. 9
    Mindy says:

    http://www.myfitnesspal.com that is one of the best places to start. I visited with physicians, had blood work done to check all my vitals and my thyroid and all was uber fab…all but my self image, my self esteem and my attitude about my constant fight with my body.

    My gyn said start with a food diary. So I shared this with my sister who told me about myfitnesspal.com. It’s an APP yes it is, and it works on your iphone, your droid, your ipad, you pc and your mac. With your phone you can scan bar codes on the back of packages and track your food. Does it provide all there is to manage your weight? absolutely not, but the single most important thing you can do for you is to KEEP A FOOD DIARY!!!

    75% is diet and 25% is fitness. It can be done. I am 48 years young and fit as a fiddle. Is my weight my goal weight? no, but at 15lbs less, I have a much better self perception and realistic approach about what I need from me! A food diary is the best starting point I have found out of any options for weight loss. Don’t lose sight of the end goal…you will lose the weight if you begin to track and diary your food. Good luck!


  10. 10

    great quote! I think it’s common once your a mom to put everyone first, now is your time!

  11. 11
    Heather says:

    This is SO true! I feel like you have written the words so many of us having floating in our heads! I think the constant struggle with weight is similar to good vs evil. We all know the right things to do but somehow temptation takes over. I love your inspiration statement and admire your commitment. I think it is time I “stop starting over” and jump on the healthy train for good.

  12. 12

    It’s really so simple (but so NOT!!), isn’t it? What a great quote.

  13. 13
    Kristen says:

    Oh this resonated so much with me… thanks for sharing it, Amanda!

  14. 14

    Oh my. You spoke to my heart. I want to share a post with you….


    I’m not sharing this for self promotional reasons. I just think you’ll be able to relate. I’m struggling with the same issues.

  15. 15
    Amanda says:

    What a wonderful and important quote. Thank you for sharing it. And YAY YOU. You go girl. I believe in you!!!


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