The Basics of Phone Data Usage

If you have teens in your life, it is highly possible that you may be struggling not to go over the data usage on your phone plan. Last month I worked with Cricket Wireless on a Twitter party and recently they sent me a great info-graphic that helps people understand the various usage patterns and which plan best fits those needs.

Those who are more tech-challenged, like one of my sisters, this graphic does a wonderful job of breaking things down and making it clear which plan is needed.

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Overcoming Challenges

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Do you have a quitter in your home? Or are you a quitter? That sounds harsh, but I don't mean it to be. I mean to speak the truth, and sometimes that hurts to hear. If you or someone you know and love constantly gives up, saying "I can't do it, because...." you have a quitter on your hands or you are the quitter. I speak from experience. I have a quitter in my home - one of my kids. My husband and I recognize it and we have been trying for years to help him become a non-quitter. ;-) If … [Continue reading...]

My Addiction to Lazy Susans

Organizing bathroom cabinets

In my quest for better organization and ease of access to things I need, I have learned the value of the simple but highly effective Lazy Susan. For years I have struggled with my bathroom cabinet. I would weed out things I had accumulated by did not use often. I would move things from one shelf to another. Nothing seemed to help and things were constantly cluttered and knocked over when I reached for items further back on the shelf. A few weeks ago I was using one of the FOUR Lazy … [Continue reading...]

How I Met My Husband


Today is my 17th wedding anniversary. On July 20th, 1996 at 7:00 PM, I married David Padgett and went from being Amanda King to being Amanda Padgett. When I was a teenager I dreamed of marrying an educated country boy and living in a big, old white house in the country. Why the "educated" part? I don't know. Both my parents had masters degrees, so a higher education seemed like the standard. For a long time that dream did not look like it would be fulfilled. I seldom had boyfriends in high … [Continue reading...]

The Power of Mannose Powder

D Mannose Powder

When I was younger I struggled with urinary tract infections constantly. I was on antibiotics for it at least four times a year. When I was pregnant with my first child I had one, then did not have another one for 14 years!! Something about having babies just worked out whatever kinks I have in my system, I guess. LOL Anyway, I developed one last year and was on an antibiotic six times (if my memory serves me right). I was on one round in January, and then I went on a hunt for something … [Continue reading...]