More Than an Apple a Day

A couple of months ago I had a “health crisis” which had me being able to only eat rice for almost two weeks. It was rough and awful and it’s something I hope to share later in case others come online searching for cures for the problem I had.

After three expensive tests requested by the gastroenterologist I was seeing failed to show anything amiss, I decided to give my diet a total overhaul. If the problem wasn’t something going wrong on the inside, then maybe it was something wrong I was putting INTO my body.

Apples for health

Anyway, what I want to say today is just that I’ve become a vegetarian who doesn’t eat any dairy or gluten. Or you could say I’m a vegan who does eat honey. The vegan camp is pretty militant about the honey thing, so I try not to call myself that lest I get jumped on. ;-)

I found some wonderful blogs that have helped me find meals that are nutritious and delicious. One of those is Deliciously Ella. I have tried several of her recipes and have many more marked to try soon.

In the coming weeks I will share my journey into vegetarianism and how it has affected my physical and mental health. If you have suggestions for blogs or sites that have healthful, vegetarian recipes, I would love to hear about them!

The Basics of Phone Data Usage


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Overcoming Challenges

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How I Met My Husband


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